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kathiwada foundation

Since 1434 it has been a family privilege to serve in the best way possible. The 21st century being no different but with the ease of communication, access to finance and structured CSR initiatives Kathiwada Foundation strives to excel in bringing the region projects that directly impact the people and its environment. Sports has been a centrifugal force for Kathiwada in the recent past, bridging a gap in the sparsely spread local population. Setting up facilities for more such activities in the town centre and establishing sustainability will now be the key challenge.


Currently Kathiwada Foundation collaborates with Amaachi Labs, a division of Amrita University from the south who are carrying out extensive work with the tribal population of the region. Another collaboration is with The Authors Cricket Club of England spearheaded by author and historian Tom Holland who founded BatAid, an initiative to fund the sports facility and children's orphanage in Kathiwada. In June 2016 conducted a charity fundraiser at Lord's during a match staged between The Authors XI vs. The Actors XI. It is planned as an annual fixture. 


In the near future the foundation is expected to create infrastructure for education, healthcare, social housing and other such community projects.

osianama learning experience
Our Charity Fundraiser at Lord's Nursery Ground with the Authors XI & Actors XI in the summer of 2016
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