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LOT 27 - Signed Team Sheet - Australia 1964

  • The Australian cricket team toured England in the 1964 to play a five-match Test series against England for The Ashes. Australia won the series 1-0 with 4 matches drawn and retained The Ashes. In the decisive 3rd Test, Australia was 187-7 in reply to England's 268 when Ted Dexter decided to take the new ball. In response, Peter Burge, the last recognised batsman, went on the attack. He scored 160 well supported by Neil Hawke and Wally Grout, the last three wickets adding 211. England were left 121 behind on the first innings and couldn't recover. Since a draw in the 4th Test would ensure that Australia would retain the Ashes, they batted on to 656-8 before declaring, with Bob Simpson scoring 311, belatedly his first Test century. England responded with 611 with Ken Barrington 256 and Ted Dexter 174.

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