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Aims of – the online search-engine and educational content provider for Indian & Asian Arts, Culture and the worlds of Cinema – will be launched universally very soon.

Envisioned to alter the perception and study of India, is the effort of twenty years of institution building, archiving, research and innovation by Neville Tuli and Osian's. The idea is that in order to become an educational hub, India has first to take the lead to become the center of research, knowledge and excellence. This archive will play a pivotal role, taking forward a new private sector momentum so as to inspire cultural & educational-infrastructure building.

A focus on tangible and material nature of the objects will radically change the way cinematic knowledge and arts education is perceived opening up new paths to re-model public aesthetic sensibilities and values. Additionally the fusion of text and image, object and data, hand in hand with the ‘virtual-physical’ union, will further enhance the potential of the knowledge base to evolve into a new educational foundation for the arts, culture and cinema.

Placing learning at the heart of education, will integrate data in a structured and cohesive manner for it to become a knowledge base, while ensuring a high quality so as to allow new understanding and experience of the arts, culture and cinema in the most innovative and creative manner.

Osian’s efforts towards preserving cinematic and artistic heritage have been unrelenting, despite financial difficulties faced during the last three years. Over the last decade more than INR 500 crores have been spent in building the library, collection & archive. To finally share it with the public is a major step in institutionalizing the ongoing creative infrastructure-building vision of Neville Tuli.

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