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Osianama at the Kila

Osianama at the Kila


As the nation celebrates 100 Years of Indian Cinema, Osianama at the Kila is our contribution – a living and vibrating knowledge-hub for the arts, cinema and culture, rooted in a creative vision and obsession, which, for India, has long been overdue.

After more than fourteen years in the making, Osianama the Museum of Art & Film is a material reality. Smaller in size than initially envisaged and located in another city from original intent, it will radically change our cultural infrascape, re-energizing the way India and the arts are perceived across the globe.

Through the daily dissemination of its vast collection, countless events, cross-subsidizing networks, and the long-awaited online research engine OLE (Osian’s Learning Experience), Osianama will help India place renewed confidence in the hearts of her people, nurturing their creative energies more effectively. It will make evident the role of dedicated creative impulse. It will further allow for experiment and failure, and the system will find ways to support the downturn. It will find ways to share the loneliness of the journey and transform it into an ongoing joy. It must be a home where one can whisper to oneself: let me risk again, let me experiment deeper, learn incessantly, to be free within, becoming all that I aspire with child-like wonder.

Osianama’s role is to infuse energy into the cultural system, triggering each individual to fall in love anew with the creativity of others and in doing so searching out their own inner energy. Soon the love will no longer be cloistered as a desire to be accountable arises. From this desire to place one’s head into the public park of creativity, meaningful movements grow, values quietly mutate as a deeper balance between Saraswati and Lakshmi is attained, only then does a renaissance become imminent.

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