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One of the objectives of KAS is to create an invigorating and exciting platform for anyone to participate and bid in auction. Follow a series of simple steps and you're all set.


There are 4 ways to bid

  1. In-room bidding

  2. Tele bidding

  3. Absentee bids

  4. Internet bidding

In-room bidding: is done by you in-person in the auction room itself. See below for more details on registration and receiving a paddle.

Tele-bidding: For our overseas and outstation clients we set-up tele representatives who will assist you in bidding via the phone and will be on a live call with you during your lots. You must cite your lots of interest 2 days prior to the auction so as to enable the tele-representative to call you during your specific lots only. We expect to have high frequency of calling during the auction so it is important to provide us the lots that you intend on bidding for.


Absentee bids: should you not be available to participate via the above two methods you may also fill and submit an Absentee Bid Written Form. This will enable the auctioneer to bid on your behalf up to the limit you provide for a particular lot. For more on this please get in touch with us and we'll have our specialists explain.

Internet bidding: This feature is primarily available for our registered and established overseas bidders.


Note: All participants must Register to be a legal bidder in the auction. You will not be assigned a paddle should you not register. Last minute walk-in registrations will not be entertained. Registration will close 2-hours before the auction begins. Further, you must RSVP if you would like to be an in-room bidder.

KAS is not accepting any consignments at the moment. We will inform you when consignments open for our next auction. However, If you are interested in valuing and selling your sporting memorabilia in private sale or for the next auction please send us the details on or with images and description and we'll get back to you.




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